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Anatolian Natural Cure;

Untouched, untouched, natural environment of our country, rare, endemic plant species that are unique to the region and the geography they grow, without harming the environment where they grow, without endangering their generation, medicinal, medicinal and aromatic plants collected from the nature, by steam distillation, use essential oils (essential oils). oils) and aromatic waters, by complying with the maximum level of hygiene and hygiene, as essential oil and hydrosol bottling is a formation that ensures safe delivery to the end consumer.

Oils with medicinal and aromatic essential oils and hydrosols (aromatic water with low oil content) are collected in pure form from nature by Şahin İNCEDEMİROĞLU Free Sworn Forestry Office in Kastamonu Central Campus and by his partners, after cleaning, bottled under hygienic conditions. It is presented to the consumer and the user together with the analysis values ​​in hydrosol and dried packaging.


1- Supply in nature-friendly, respectful and future heritage principles and principles,

2- Service to human health,

3- Healthy and reliable supply,

4- Manufacturing, bottling and packaging in accordance with hygiene and health conditions,

5- Reliable, reputable and sincere marketing,

6- Acceptable feedback,

7- Contribution to research and development,

8- Contribution to the region and country economy.

Why Essential Oils, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Waters

As we all know, the pharmaceutical products (tablets, capsules, solutions, serums, etc.) that we use today that do not contain synthetic substances are supplied by nature. All the pharmaceutical products we use are collected by the large pharmaceutical companies from different countries, regions and geographies of the world, and by synthesizing the compounds and molecules in the plant essence, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, terpenes (etc.), by physical and chemical means, (Separating the composition and molecules) Pharmaceutical products are obtained with ingredients in plain or compound form, some pure and often synthetic means; It is used in the treatment and recovery process of humans and all living things.

                Food and nutrition are indispensable for living things. All his living life is based on good nutrition and a healthy life. Good nutrition and healthy life depend on the nutritional elements and vitamins contained in each food, and the benefit and benefit provided by the composition and molecules.

                Consuming natural products is a prerequisite for a healthy diet and a good life. Today, access to natural products has become difficult. Our journey of a good nutrition and healthy life has been endangered by the logic of consuming what is offered, which we do not have, because of mostly genetically modified foods, products grown with artificial fertilization, medicated against pests, products containing substances harmful to human health, synthetic and artificial preservatives used in food preservation, bottling and packaging. . As a result, human life has been shortened, diseases have diversified, increased, human immunity has been adversely affected, and the comfort of human life has decreased, and they have been forced to live in need of drugs.


                Realizing this, mankind searches again, tends towards organic production and seeks a remedy for the consumption of products grown in their natural environment. Today, when it is difficult to access natural products in sufficient quantity, quality and freshness, the only remedy is; In consumption, it is easy to reach essential oils and aromatic waters obtained from medicinal and aromatic plants collected from their natural environment.

                Medicinal and aromatic essential oils and hydrosols have important positive effects on human metabolism when used with suitable plant species, quality product, appropriate amount and regularly. When consumed regularly, it reduces the risk of getting sick with a good diet and food intake, increases resistance to diseases, and accelerates recovery.

                For our health, it is very important to know which plant species affect the metabolism and how much it will be consumed.