Izmir Thyme (Origanum Onites) Hydrosol 500 cc

Izmir Thyme (Origanum Onites) Hydrosol 500 cc

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Hydrosols, also called hydrolates, are flower or plant juices, distilled juices, or plant waters, and are a water-containing by-product of the distillation process.

Hydrosols have many medicinal benefits because they contain the water-soluble component, vitamins and minerals of the plant subjected to distillation. Hydrosols may also contain small amounts of the aromatic oil of the plant being treated.

As stated by Suzanne Catty in his book "Hydrosols - The Next Aromatherapy": Hydrosols are condensed water of plants and flowers extracted by steam distillation or immersion. Generally, distillation is applied to obtain aromatic oils, but it can also be done only to obtain hydrosol.

Catty also states in the book that hydrosol to be used for medicinal purposes should be obtained from organic or certified organic plants, that is, agriculturally grown plants free from agricultural pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Ideally, the entire therapeutic effect is preserved by long-term distillation under low atmospheric pressure.

While producing our hydrosol products, the product and water are not put in the same place. Distillation time never exceeds 3 hours according to the product features. (Between 1-3 HOURS ACCORDING TO THE PRODUCT PROPERTIES AND DENSITY. Some products give their water in 1 hour, some products in 3 hours. However, taking product water from plants distilled for more than 3 hours, vitamins and minerals decrease up to 2%). By combining with it, the product features do not decrease. If desired, from 100 kg of product can be taken in 100 liters of hydrosol in 3 liters of hydrosol. In accordance with the principles of our company, we do not subject any product to distillation for more than 3 hours. THEREFORE, ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE 3-5 TIMES MORE CONCENTRATE COMPARED TO THEIR MARKET COUNTER

While some hydrosols can be drunk in 1 glass, we recommend using a dessert spoon 3 times a day.

ANATOLIAN NATURAL CURE is determined to fight for health.

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