Daisy Hydrosol 100 cc Sprey

Daisy Hydrosol 100 cc Sprey

Brand:Anatolian Natural Cure
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Hydroceles are the bottom water of the distilled product. This water contains vitamins and minerals found in the essence of the plant. Depending on the properties of the product, the properties of the hydroceles obtained after certain hours decrease. We are one of the rare companies that produce hydrosol according to the properties of the product and reach the most vitamin and mineral value of the product.

In normal hydrosols, it should be distilled for a maximum of 3 hours. After this time, the essential oil, vitamin and mineral properties of hydrosols decrease to a minimum. As a result of the researches conducted by our universities, these essential oils, minerals and vitamins are carefully separated within the time zones with the highest efficiency. There is always a difference in quality and price between the product that is distilled for 3 hours and the product that is distilled for 10 hours. We wish you a good use of our products.

ANATOLIAN NATURAL CURE is determined to fight for health.

Chamomile Hydrosol 100% organic

100 cc

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