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Seneca's Sayings on Unshakableness


According to Seneca, the wise is the one who knows the value of his own soul. For this reason, he is not affected by injustice because he knows that those who do injustice are too inferior to affect him. There is not arrogance here, but rather compassion. The person who does injustice is evil, ignorant, incomplete, inflicting pain on himself, and the wise is compassionate, strong and guiding in the face of all these.

“Who is affected by the loss of something that does not belong to them?” -Seneca

And the wise know that he will not lose anything in the face of injustice and blows. Because all he has are his virtues. Virtue is free. It cannot be injured, cannot be moved, cannot be shaken, so it stands firm against blows, so that its direction can neither be changed nor defeated.

“No weapon can be made strong enough to shake a soul that has a solid foundation” – Seneca

Seneca says that no one suffers injustice without being affected mentally. Someone who is free from mistakes, who can control himself, who is in deep silence and peace, is exempt from injustice. Isn't it really so? Yes, perhaps we are not wise men who are woven with virtues and possess only virtues. We, helpless humans, have many things: Pride, arrogance, belongings, money and many other things...

While all we really have are our virtues, we are afraid not of losing them, but of losing temporary ones. We fear the possibility of someone attacking what we consider our existence. However, this is not possible unless we allow it...

The fact that someone harms us is actually related to our helplessness. We receive blows from our fears and our dependence on others, and we collapse from these blows. It is the permissions we give to others, the meanings we give to others, and our lack of awareness of ourselves that destroy us. The other person tries to cause us small or big harm. Maybe knowingly, maybe unintentionally... It doesn't matter. Let him do it. No matter what he does... How can he move and disperse our solid soul? Maybe everything would be better if we became aware of ourselves and our virtues.

Hoping to realize the values ​​within us…

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